Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing


A True American Brand

With a wide array of quality T-shirts sporting killer designs that declare a clear message, the Don’t Tread On Me brand represents everything great about the American dream and those bold enough to pursue it. Whether the wearer is decked out in one of DTOM’s long sleeve shirts, pullover hoodies, stylish hats, or one of the more traditional T-shirts, there can be no doubt what they stand for. DTOM strives to allow individuals the chance to proclaim to the world that they are a person that stands for personal liberty and in defiance of any establishment that tries crush it. As a matter of fact, the rattlesnake emblem adorning many of the site’s vintage clothing items is not just some obscure memento from days gone by, but a proud and intimidating reminder of the rebellious, individualistic attitude that defines this nation and its people.

Don't Tread on Me

Standing Up for Greatness

Every one of the fine products available for purchase at is not found on any other site. Not only do the folks at Don’t Tread On Me talk a big game about America’s exceptional character, they also demonstrate their commitment to supporting that character with the excellent quality and unique designs. These intricate and challenging designs are more than just appealing works of art on a shirt, though. They also represent tangible pieces of history; war cries that helped to rally those who refused to be pushed around by tyranny, and whose spirits embody the brave and intrepid to this day. In addition to all their great vintage clothing, also offers customers an array of accessories, from hats and patches to tin signs and vinyl decals.

Famous Patrons

A number of well known faces have been seen sporting their unique appreciation for American ideals with the Don’t Tread On Me brand, many of whom are in the music community. Most notably, perhaps, is James Hetfield of Metallica, who proudly displayed his DTOM “Snake Badge” T shirt when the band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and has been known to wear the “American Iron” design hoodie while on stage. In addition, several members of the rock band Daughtry are strong supporters of the “Don’t Tread on Me” lifestyle and clothing brand.

Where to Find and Purchase DTOM and Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing

Whatever style or design you choose buy, purchasing from is extremely easy. The site makes absolutely certain that your information remains safe and secure. Your order will then be promptly mailed out by Priority Mail, through the United States Postal Service, both within the U.S. and to Canada. Nearly all of their shirts, whether T’s or long-sleeves or 50/50 cotton blends, cost right around 30 dollars before shipping, while women’s and kids’ shirts are actually a little closer to 20. What better way can you express your personal conviction to freedom than by wearing clothing that is All American clothing and designed to demonstrate not only the ideals our nation was founded on, but your own personal and unique ideals as well.

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